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Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fan Installation by Local Tradies

Local Tradies; your one stop solution for all your electrical installation, repairs and maintenance also specialises in ceiling fan installation at reasonable rates.

We handle the whole installation from start to finish to ensure your ceiling fan functions exactly as it is meant to. We will have a licensed local Electrician install the Ceiling fan to Australian safety Standards to ensure the safe usage of your ceiling fan.

All Ceiling fans are anchored to a secure structure like your roof truss even if that means we have to add timber into your roof space to anchor them safely and correctly. Surprisingly, our Local electricians have attended residences in the past where this has not been the case and old ceiling fans have fallen or drooped from the ceiling due to incorrect and unsafe installation.

We can supply the ceiling fan of your choice if required and deliver it to your house ready for installation.

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We Install All Types Of Ceiling Fans

  • Commercial Ceiling Fans (commonly seen in classrooms, restaurants, office interiors, malls)
  • Industrial Ceiling Fans (commonly seen in Large industrial settings and warehouse settings)
  • Domestic and Decorative Ceiling Fans (a common feature in residential properties, apartments and even guest houses)
  • Outdoor Ceiling Fans (a common addition to patios, decks, and even for shaded outdoor entertainment areas in QLD these should preferably be weatherproof rated for a longer life.)

We will be happy to have one of our experienced and licensed local electricians help you sort out which ceiling fan is the better choice if you need the assistance.

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