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LED Downlights and LED Lighting Upgrades

LED Downlights and LED Lighting Upgrades

Are you looking for a professional electrician to help you upgrade from halogen downlights to LEDs?

If so then Local Tradies; will offer you personalised LED downlights upgrade services on the same-day!

With electricity bills constantly increasing; it is imperative to replace your costly halogen bulbs with LED Downlights. They are usually the most cost effective option for lighting.

Local Tradies are your reliable local electricians near you. We will help you make an informed and cost effective decision on all possible LED Downlight upgrades so that your LED lighting solutions look and feel exactly as you would like them to.

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What Are The Benefits Of upgrading to LED lights?

  • Upgrading to LEDs exponentially reduces the risks of fire
  • LEDs consume approximately 82% less electricity than a halogen bulb
  • LED downlights require very little maintenance. No more light bulbs to change!
  • LED downlights come with a much longer lifespan something in between 30000 - 50000 hours ( between 3 to 5 years approximately )
  • You can easily pick the colour of the LED downlights to alter the feel and aesthetics of your living spaces. You can pick between Warm White, Daylight and Cool White depending on your mood and preference.

Once we upgrade your lighting from halogen to LED you will immediately start to save on electrical running costs and your installed LED Lights will last approximately 4 times longer than your previous halogen bulbs.

All of our LED Lights come with at least 3 years manufacturers warranty and are purchased from reputable Australian Suppliers. They must be installed by a fully licensed electrical contractor so why not choose a Local Tradies Local Electrician near you.

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If you're ready to take the big step and upgrade your halogen downlights with LED downlights , then our Local electricians will gladly help you.

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