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Smoke Alarms

Upgrade your Smoke Alarm and boost the performance

Installing a quality smoke alarm is crucial for your home and property protection. When there is an event of a house fire, the existing smoke alarm will alert everyone of the looming house fire. It's time to deal with all the false alarms with ease. At Local Tradies, smoke alarms are designed with the best quality and reliability and it gives your family more control of the alarm which in turn contributes to saving everyone's life. We offer our services in and around Coomera, Pimpama, Robina, Burleigh.

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Importance of installing Smoke Alarms -

Smoke alarms are an essential part of the home or business safety plan. These are designed to detect smoke and alert occupants of a potential fire, which in turn gives them valuable time to evacuate the building. Thus it is important to ensure that the Smoke Alarm installation and upgrades are done properly for best functioning. We also offer these services in and around , Hope Island, Pacific pines, Helensvale, Oxenford and Ormeau.

This brings us to the important question - "Are you thinking of installing a quality smoke alarm in your interior living space...?" If so, then Local Tradies; will help you with it. We will take care of all smoke alarm fitting, repair, and testing as well as its necessary maintenance from time to time, whenever requested.

What Includes In Our Smoke Alarm Installation Services?

  • Replacing old ionisation smoke alarm units
  • Comprehensive smoke alarm testing
  • Interconnected photoelectric smoke alarm installations
  • Clipsal smoke alarm installation

At Local Tradies, we specialize in smoke alarm installation and upgrades. Our team of trained technicians guides you to choose the right type of smoke alarm to suit your requirements and properly install it in your home or business. Our experienced and professional team also offer Smoke Alarm installation and upgrades in and around Coomera, Pimpama, Robina, Burleigh and surroundings, like upgrading the existing alarms to newer and more advanced models. These include wireless connectivity and remote monitoring.

As your reliable and skilled electricians; our professionals ensure the smoke alarm is installed appropriately on the ceiling within 300mm from a light fitting, 400mm from a ceiling fan and approximately 400mm from the nearest AC vent.

We offer maintenance and repair services-

Professional technicians can check the smoke alarms to ensure that they are properly working and necessary parts that can be replaced may be worn out or damaged.

We Also Perform Full-Fledged Smoke Alarm Maintenances Which Include -

  • Properly cleaning particle build-up from the smoke alarm system
  • Checking for existing issues which could potentially compromise its functionality
  • Testing the battery power and changing it when it needs replacing
  • Sharing useful tips to homeowners on DIY smoke alarm maintenance
  • Monitoring 240v/lithium battery/monitored/automatic smoke detector systems as a means of fire prevention

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Trust the professionals at Local Tradies, and ensure that the smoke alarms are properly installed and updated. Reach out to us to schedule an appointment for smoke alarm installation or upgrade services. If you are ready to install a new smoke alarm system or upgrade your existing one, then feel free to GET IN TOUCH & schedule a visit at your suitable time.

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