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Safety Switches and RCD’s

Safety Switches and RCD's

Safety switches or RCD’s ( residual current devices ) were introduced into the Electrical MEN system used in Australia as a safety net for anybody that may be unlucky enough to be electrocuted by a fault or accident. The RCD or Safety switch is designed to cut the power in milliseconds if it senses that there has been a fault.

This can be life saving in almost all cases where an accidental electrocution has occurred.

It is very important for the safety of your properties occupants or your family members to have your switchboard checked and or tested to make sure that you have fully compliant RCD’s installed and also that they are functioning as they should.

At Local Tradies we are the Local Electrical Contractors that the community trust with their electrical safety.

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What Are The Common Causes of Safety Switches Tripping?

There are lots of reasons for a safety switch to trip. Some Of Them Include -

  • Exposure of cables, outlets or appliances to excess moisture
  • Mechanical damage to outlets, appliances or cables
  • Substandard cable insulation
  • Poor insulation resistance due to pest infestation
  • Old and/or Damaged, Melted or discoloured cables
  • Broken fitting, outlets, knobs and/or switches

Remember if an RCD has tripped and you reset it manually if it trips again you should always have a fully licensed local electrician have a look at the RCD for you to ensure that it is still operating correctly.

The safety of your family or property occupants may depend on it.

Local Tradies are here if you need us and we will have a local electrician attend your property or home to ensure that your RCD’s and switchboard are operating safely.

Switchboard Upgrades or testing

If you require a full switchboard upgrade please let us know and we will organise a fully licensed Local Electrical Contractor attend your home or property and assess your switchboard and test your existing RCD’s to determine the most cost effective way to ensure that your switchboard and safety switches are operating correctly and are compliant with the stringent Australian Standards or upgrade whatever is necessary.